Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

It was in a group buying side I first heard about this restaurant. They had a 50% off in their menu, but I was reluctant to purchase as it is quite far from our place.  If I only knew that this place is so worth it back then, I should have hoarded some vouchers. Here’s my take in this artistic-modern restaurant right in the heart of SM Mall of Asia.

Atmosphere: Artistic walls. First thing that hubby noticed, bright modernistic ambiance which is out of the ordinary red-gold anything paper dangling decors of Chinese restaurants we know. The place gives happy youthful vibes when you stare at the walls, perhaps will take your imagination on how it feels like to be in an urban, fast-paced city like Hong Kong.

Value: This place is one of the reasonable Chinese cuisine go-to places we’ve ever been.  Their price ranges around 100-300, affordable without sacrificing the quality. 

Service: I am totally head over heels with Xin Wang and prepared to conclude them a whooping 5 hearts as my verdict to a new place (highest ever just in a first visit) until my dear husband got pretty annoyed with their service. It is not that he hated the waiters, it is the fact that our food took too long to get served. For everything we ordered it took them around an hour and 3 follow-ups to get it to our tables, the tea lost its way and eventually got resurrected 15 minutes after our food was served. Although their crew do casual polite greetings and smile, mind the ever multi-tasking security guard that handles the reservation list – we still believe they need few things, attentiveness and speed.

Food: Dishes they serve are all Chinese cuisine, but more of Hong Kong style of cooking. Everything there from starters down to deserts reminded me of a hong kong resto we once adored in Dalian. So imagined our excitement when we found a same place in taste available in a mall. Their rice porridge didn’t need to add any seasoning at all, it was tasty as is. The chicken was soft, juicy, tender and quite generous serving, I got bloated due to the rice that was well-packed underneath. But what we truly enjoyed was the dimsum. The siomai was fantastic – well-packed and ultra tasty the best compared to the siomai I had in Shin Ling. The bun had this near orange-y sauce full of meat, very soft dough and you’d appreciate the taste without any additional sauce too. Over-all food was great, even though we waited long we’re glad to try it and excited to come back again.

Verdict: ❤❤❤ – Definitely going back!


Ground Floor, North Wing, SM Mall of Asia (next to IMAX Theater)
Pasay City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 02 8227518


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All is based from author’s own experience, thoughts, resources and means. Information and reviews provided are for general public purposes only.

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5 thoughts on “Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

  1. I love their HK Milk Tea! Though I wish they’ll serve it in a bigger mug. Hahaha! Their prices are pretty reasonable, and I really love the ambiance. 🙂

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