twill blazer Neu | sleeveless satin & denims F21 | sandals Celine | accessories Taobao 

I’ve always believed that skinny jeans are the best weapon that every curvy gals should have. Tight as it accentuate curves in every angle. But in-times when I want to resort to a more profoundly relaxed clothing, in need of that ever gushing airiness in my friction-ed thighs – I say bring out that straight cut comfort fit!

This is the first straight cut I bought since skinny jeans gone massive. Seriously, it was pure comfort – like striding in a best pair of tsinelas after pedi or going bra-less in a fitted cotton top. It felt as if  I could freakin’ do a split in this or hurdle a knee-high bar – which I know, i know sounds a bit exaggerated to you. But hey this lady just got re-introduced again to mister comfortableness and never thought a loose denims looked airy cool.

Am glad I wore this to a friend’s baby party, at least the outfit turned out to be baby friendly.

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4 thoughts on “Relaxed

  1. Hi..:) thanks for checkin out my blog..:)

    buying pants is my problem.. since i am small but i have big thighs 😦 and yes..i agree that skinny jeans is the solution to my problem..:) but sometimes tight, hug fitting jeans annoy me especially when i have my period..that’s when i resort to loose jeans or straight jeans 🙂

    nice blog..;)


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