Celina Cafe and Restaurant and Boo’s Cafe

Few weeks ago we all drove to Tagaytay to celebrate my birthday. The party was just a family affair. A simple, yet fun moment with people I care most. We had our reservations for lunch and the moment we arrived we all knew we are dead hungry.

Atmosphere: Celina’s Cafe is buffet style restaurant located at a food joint along Gen. Aguinaldo highway and in front Summit Ridge. Neighbors to Boo’s Cafe, the place perfectly sits on a cliff that has good panoramic view of the Taal volcano when you dine outside. However during rainy season you have no choice but to be indoor. I had no qualms about the place, but I find it relatively small around 4-5 tables excluding buffet tables, though it is neat and comfortable.

Value:  Having variations of 10 dishes, 2 soups, 2 types of drinks / desserts and paying only 299 PHP / pax is definitely a good deal. Add 100 for the unlimited crabs (huge right?!) and 200 for the lobster, but you can always go for an ala-carte serving like I did. My dad still can’t believe how much it costs me, may be that was the reason he never said no in spite of the weather.

Service: They got my reservation correct even if it was just with-in the day confirmation and the table was already available for us the moment we arrived. I think one thing that they need to improve is on refilling. Since it is lunch time, I’ve seen people waited for the food to get served in the buffet tables. Me alone, I had to stand and check twice just to get slices of watermelon.  The thing is when people wait it creates long lines / queue around the area, so it makes the entire place more crowded. 

Food: Dishes they served were all Filipino cuisine. I personally like it that they had a mixture of everything, from vegetables, pork, beef, chicken and seafood (fish, crabs and lobsters). In my opinion all food tasted nice, fish sisig was something I personally liked aside from the tasty crabs. Had fish sisig in a different restaurant before but theirs is different. Crunchy and it turns to be chewy in the end. Hubby has his favorites too, he liked the papaitan soup and chicken. My parents and sisters all loved the crabs.

Verdict: ❤❤ – Still considering to come back.

Atmosphere: Because my sister wanted something hot to ease her much satisfied stomach, we then moved to next door coffee shop, Boo’s Coffee. I think everyone can agree that it has the best scenery in town, much nicer compare to Starbucks. Here you can see the volcano closer with their verandas, just hope there’s no fog when you visit. The interior of the coffee shop is seriously cozy and sleek, what I liked most is that they have wall-size windows so perfect to enjoy a cup of coffee in Tagaytay. It’s spacious and clean, no wonder there’s a lot of Korean too comfortable of the place.

Value: Since my sister paid for everything, I asked her if she finds the place worth it. She said, she find it cheaper compare to other coffee shops she knew.

Service: I commend the barista / cashier / people-greeter (tagabati) on duty that day. I am not much of a Boo fanatic, I hardly visit any branch in the metro so when the man asked me what’s my order I stayed safe on Cafe Latte. I think he sensed my pathetic choice so he instead asked me if I like to try their Salted Cappucino. Amused because of the word “salt in a coffee”  I turned hesitant but my sweet quirky sister then asked back, “Masarap ba yan? Kasi kung hindi ibabalik namin“. He just laughed and assured us that it tastes good. Sure enough, it tasted not only good, but really really sooo good. I think its the first hot coffee I really enjoyed most.

Verdict: ❤❤❤ – Definitely will come back!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. All is based from author’s own experience, thoughts, resources and means. Information and reviews provided are for general public purposes only.

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11 thoughts on “Celina Cafe and Restaurant and Boo’s Cafe

  1. thanks for the review, will try celina’s buffet one of these days. i actually like bo’s coffee better than starbucks. with bo’s, i don’t have to ask for an extra shot on my latte orders.

  2. “Is a great Failure!”
    Aug 22, 2012 Najahlim
    I bought 3 vouchers from metrodeal and 5 from tcat (with crab). We sent our reservation to them 2 days before as indicated in the voucher and they even asked us to send the voucher numbers. and we did so.

    Last Sunday, we arrived at Celina’s around 1PM, their lunch starts as they told us at 10am to 3pm. upon arrival, there were no seats. so we ended up occupying the newly set up table without linen and chairs on monoblock that is too dirty looking chair. We have no choice. We have kids with us. I also was informed by their head waiter i think on that day that they dont have CRAB! because they havent able to buy one due to the storm. OK fine! So I requested that my 5 vouchers with excess of 35 pesos each from the 299 regular eat all you can voucher without crabs be converted to fruit shake instead. They said that the signage posted at their wall about the price of their fruit shakes is not from them. Someone is selling them on their behalf..

    Then as we arrived the foo trays was all empty. Until we left still the food trays are empty. We were like evacuee waiting for the food to arrive. They refill the tray on type of food by another using one plate as in PLATE! oh i saw one they changed the tray! but still upon refilling the tray after 1-2 person took food from it, you need again to wait for the next batch of refill.

    And most food that were refilled are mostly chicken (fried, with sauce) and that breaded chicken thing. This is very disappointing… The fact that they are into catering business. They dont even know how to handle to many people. and the fact that they require voucher holder to reserve 2 days before the visit date they could have anticipated how many voucher will be coming plus those who will walk in. I even saw some clients asking if how long would they take out another batch of the food. Even the plates and spoon and fork had a shortage!

    Not worth the price! Very disappointing! Bad service! Will never go back there. I know there are good reviews before us but they are not capable of maintaining that good review they had. Its a holiday I know but dont they also know that during holidays a lot of people will be coming. They didnt able to handle that!

  3. is there any number that i can call for reservation? cp number was off and landline was busy since this morning.

    thank you, hope someone can help me with this.


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