New Beginnings

Things had been so busy lately reason why I could not find enough time to make some posts, but it does not mean I have forgotten you all. Work is just crazy, we’re still juggling of different work schedules, hubby on night shift for more than 6 months now and me on mid-shift. Good thing there’s this work-from-home, at least we still get to see each other on weekdays. Not to mention the weather is not cooperating these days, so I hope you are all in a safe warm place right now.

And apart from all that, after months of relentless search we have settled and bought a house. Our own house, our future home. Though it is a much bigger responsibility, financially boggling (imagine how it costs nowadays? I could see our paychecks swiftly passing by) still we could not get any happier because from there we are building our dreams as lifetime partners and who knows a family in a year or two. It was never easy from the start, took us months to decide considering all options just to find a suitable place but what was truly a blessing is having wise people around us encouraging us along the way, making us feel we did the right decision and all wonderful blessings that God showered us that enabled us to pull through all legal especially financial matters smoothly.

It is just amazing and we’re super duper excited.

Can’t wait to tell you more stories and developments about it.

Wishin’ a very happy weekend to all!

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