Checkered and Gray

gray knee-length cardigan H&M | shorts & boots Taobao | checkered polo SM Mens Wear

Can’t remember if it was the storm or the impending flood in our neighborhood that made me wear this cardigan and leather booties again, but whatever the reason I was just happy wearing them.

It was in China that I bought this H&M knitted cardigan, got it in an awesome price due to annual winter sale. I could not resist leaving it behind or the thought of giving it away, so even it weighed 3 times compare to my other clothes I had it shipped. Oh well at least it served its purpose, I can now brave the cold harsh winds warmly. The polo shirt is from hubby’s, something borrowed that happens to be super comfortable too. I’m beginning to think that wearing his clothes is a good idea too, at least I get to save some cash for shopping right? This is second time I wore something boyish, first was sporting like a mobster. The polo’s pattern and color is something that put a smile to very much grayish skies.

Tell me, do you like wearing men’s clothes too? Have you ever tried it?

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