It was almost five in the afternoon when I first set foot in this must-see place that my sister once told me.

Smell of fresh air and green grass, echoing waves from the lake and laughter from people sharing stories and drinks

Breezy, carefree, and wide open. The perks of a quick getaway from urban living.

This is south, my south. And these are the reasons why we like living down under.

6 thoughts on “Nuvali

  1. When our managers announced we’ll have our office transferred there in Nuvali, most of us reacted with disapproval. We find it too far. Even I, a Southern belle, consider the commute too inconvenient. But I’d really like to experience that quick getaway you did. 🙂

    1. Wow really kelan? Ako din at first nahihirapan on commuting pero you’ll get used to it din naman and besides maluwag na parate sa SLEX ngayon compared before. Heard also na in the next years magkakaroon ng terminal hub ang Nuvali that connects straight from BGC.

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