Ganso Shabuway

Ganso-Shabuway, Dos Palmas New Wing Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City

As big fans of hot pot dining we couldn’t help but notice this restaurant in one corner of our best hang out spots in Alabang. The very first hot-pot restaurant we tried out of 4 months being back here in the Philippines. So here’s our long overdue review on Ganso Shabuway.

Atmosphere: Sleek-styled, modern aura with bright red tables will remind you the circle of  Japan’s flag. Leather black seats, edgy hanging lamp and multiple wall mirror adds a sense of chic urban look and what I love most is how the ceramic electric stove looked so perfectly built-in. Just see how amazingly clean and sleek each table is.


Value: I am quite amazed that here in Philippines, hot spot costs more. Back China days, we just spend around 100-120 RMB (roughly 800 PHP ) already with truck loads of platter on meat (pork/beef), vegetables and seafood (often shrimps). However here standard group sets assumes on the basics, rice and at least 2 viands. But what’s interesting to know, that Ganso-Shabuway is the cheapest so far.

Service: Hubby normally takes notice on restaurant crews every time we dine out. When I asked him what he thought of them, he said without a doubt that he liked their service. According to him, they are attentive which is a good sign. Couldn’t agree more, we easily got seated and orders took less than 15 mins to serve. 🙂

Food: Such a pity that I forgot to take some photos of the broth, but anyway what we had was the half-half. Half spicy miso and half traditional seaweed. Really nice to look at, half with all the redness that seemed due to incorporated spices and on the other half the clarity of the both with at least 2 flat-rectangular sticks floating which seemed to be the processed-seaweeds. But after trying them out, we realized the spicy miso should have been spicy as it says in the menu and the seaweed should have been more tasty rather being tasteless. It was quite disappointing too that we only got 2 choices of sauce, back when I can remember in China they have buffet tables of different sauces which you can easily get lost at on mixing. Perhaps its something they can improve more. However there were stuffs that we liked too.  The Angus beef, was sliced thinly and with less fat which was seriously delicious. We had an abundant platter of vegetables that has an asparagus in it, felt weird because we’re not used to hot-pot the asparagus but at least it tasted good.

Verdict: ❤❤ – Still considering on going back.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. All is based from author’s own experience, thoughts, resources and means. Information and reviews provided are for general public purposes only.

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