Burnt Orange

sequin sleeveless Kai Plus | distressed shorts  & accessories Taobao | shoes Liberty | bag Charles and Keith

Being a plus-size sometimes feel like drowning in a pool of million insecurities in the world. Insecurities turned to shame and shame turned to fear. Fear from being explicitly judged, rejected and bullied on society’s norm of body size. Fear of harsh words, annoying giggles and frantic jokes on one’s look and way of dressing-up. Most of all fear from people who always and forever take notice only one thing, how you gained weight.

These are just some of our daily emotional struggles, inescapable reality.

And it is a reality too that these people might not change at all no matter how hard we’d wish for.

But what we can truly change is our perception. Our own mind-set, our way of thinking.

That in each waking day whether staying plum or gaining a pound more, we can learn to embrace and stay positive with our body size. And starting from body-positivity and self-acceptance we can truly love ourselves even more. That whatever size we are right now, we are still beautiful, confident and fierce.

So stop hating! It’s not about how others see in you but it’s about finding your true worth.

8 thoughts on “Burnt Orange

  1. Super love this post! I love not just the outfit, but the entire content itself. Yes, I agree. “It is a reality too that these people might not change at all no matter how hard we’d wish for.” We can never please everyone, and we are not born to please them either. The people who matter would never judge us, while those who will don’t deserve to be an issue in life. 🙂

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