Sad to Fab : White Tank Top

A crisp white good fitted top is a girl’s best friend. Cool, easy and no fuzz. It’s simple, effortlessly chic of all and heck one the fastest a girl could ever wear too. Faster than plucking our eyebrows. But in times when a girl likes more than being simple, how would you turn a white top into something grandyosa (fabulous)?

Add a statement necklace and gorgeous red lips

Wear a tailored-fit blazer
Sling the biggest, meanest bag you can find

Put them together is an outfit you can seriously smile.

By the way had my hair color done, I am now officially a shade lighter from mahogany red to caramel. And I’m so lovin’ it!

white tank top SM Basics | blazer Forever 21 | skinny jeans C&A | brown pumps & crocodile bag Charles & Keith

14 thoughts on “Sad to Fab : White Tank Top

  1. Can I just say, I absolutely love your blog’s layout. I just love it! I’m really sorry if I haven’t gotten back to you since you’ve left a comment on my blog. I must’ve overlooked it. I’m so proud that there are a lot of plus size blogs right now. I can’t wait to see you sport the kimono jacket look!

    Love your blazer by the way! I can’t afford tailored clothes yet, but soon. Very Soon. Hahaha!


    Renee J.
    Operation: Fix Life

    1. Thank you Renee for dropping by and liking my blog, truly a wonderful feeling hearing compliments from a fellow blogger as well.

      Yes, can’t wait to try the kimono look 🙂

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