Close to nature, Close to God.

This was the slogan that greeted us when we arrived on a windy weekend morning. Travel took us approximately 2-hr drive to Nasugbu Batangas (right after Tagaytay) with less traffic, rocky uphill roads and undeniable quietness all around as we spotted a cross on a brick facade.

After finding a place to park, hubby and I were giddy to stretch our legs and admire everything we see. Across where we stood was a lovely fountain and the back entrance. And as we went inside, we immediately felt solemness and tranquility; add the beautiful voices that sing praises that echoes through the hallways. And on elevated end, a small old reddish-brick church suddenly caught our eyes. It was gorgeously beautiful! Faded colored bricks, tainted glass windows, skimpy but cozy aisles, wooden pews and smell of pine trees, now I know the reason why couples love this church.  Truly a magnificent place to be one with God.

There are still other ways to enjoy Caleruega other than be mesmerized by their church, you can…

  • Stroll along and get lost in HUGE garden. They have an awesome floral sanctuary and totally the best landscape in the Philippines. See and feel it!
  • Pet the Koi. Not sure if its allowed (don’t blame me, didn’t see any signs?) but to be safe just take time looking at them. After all they look dashing with their vibrant scales.
  • Cross the hanging bridge. You’d never know what on the other side, so swallow the fear and cross it.
  • Climb steep pathways.  Tell you my heart totally stopped for a second and got teary because of the awesome views I get to see from the Tent Chapel. Even if I had to sweat like a roasted piglet, it was still so worth it.
  • If you’re with your significant other / family, try to sit down in a shady place and take time to be grateful.  Don’t waste the awesome views for nothing, reminisce or say a short prayer thanking God of a good life.

So what’s your plan this Lenten Season?

Now might be a perfect time to head and visit Caleruega,  definitely a piece of heaven on earth.


9 thoughts on “Caleruega

  1. wow! what a beautiful place! so pretty! all that nature. the air must be amazing over there. glad you and hubby go to relax a little in a beautiful setting as this one 🙂


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