Looking back the Holidays

This is a long, heavy post.

Christmas 2011 was ultimately fun, one of the best ever holidays on earth. At the same time, it was extremely special to us because we were complete, also it was Jeff’s first time to join my family for Noche Buena and the exciting part was my younger sister got engaged 2 days before Christmas day, how can you not celebrate?

Christmas won’t be Christmas without sumptuous food and of course tons of gifts! Whole family cooked old school staple Filipino dishes; grilled bangus (catfish milkfish), liempo, stuffed squid, talong (eggplant) & mangga (mangoes) with alamang (shrimp paste), arroz valenciana and turbo broiled chicken with truck loads of tanglad. Also we wore something red to signify love and abundance within our family. I was quite amazed how our clothes perfectly blended with our home decors too. I think we’d be doing this often now.

Lastly, with all wish list of each family members hanged in the tree, traditionally do this every year as a way of giving back God’s blessings. Now that Jeff is officially a member of the family, this means more gifts. Honestly, I didn’t have lots of time to think through my list, just jot down whatever comes first in my mind. Weeks before Christmas I was even busier on finding perfect gifts and fixing out our new home; it was seriously exhausting than I thought. There were plenty of late Christmas shoppers too but at the end of the day when gifts are already given one thing you’d always see are excited, happy little faces. This even makes you bloody excited of the next Christmas season again. 🙂


It was truly an honor and want to thank Katrina Atienza for featuring me in her awesome blog the Plus Size Fasyon Mudra. Ladies please do check her out, there are really fantastic good reads and tips, it’s so worth of your time.

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