We’re going to Shanghai!

…and so excited!

I don’t want to tease you, but in the next hours we’ll be flying off to Shanghai for transit visit of 4 days (pre-Christmas escapade) before actually going home to The Philippines. Our first time to visit, so we just can’t wait on what this bright mega city has to offer.  :)

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7 thoughts on “We’re going to Shanghai!

  1. jcbtarun Jay says:

    Tour at night in the city, it’s beautiful. Be ready to pay hundreds of yuan though if you want to check the two famous towers. Hopefully all the Country Exhibit are open in Shanghai World Expo so you can enjoy them as well!!!

    I’ll definitely be back there.. I think 4 days is not enough.. hehehe.. :D

  2. Lornadahl says:

    You’ll be home for Christmas?! Yay! I hope I’ll get to meet you in person! Yun lang, I’m sure you have tight schedule on your stay. December pa mandin. Reunion dito, par-tey doon. Enjoy! :D

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