Faux Fur Coat H&M | Sequins Top Calvin Klein | Faux Leather Pants & Boots Taobao | Earrings Forever 21

Yes above title is not the exact word from the famous musical film (Oh btw I love Julie Andrews!) but the same ecstatic ravenous feeling arose from the depths of my inner self last week.

I confess; I am in-love… Madly in-love with this outfit that I wore it twice in a week! Yes, just can’t get over with all the sparkles, glitters and the lovely faux fur should be every girl wardrobe’s best friend. Can you blame me? Felt so young (ahem) and lively just like a disco ball, shining high. And fur? Faux furrrrtastic!! Had this over a year now, one of the pieces I brought all the way from Manila. Looking all the photos, I don’t mind how heavy it was. Faux furs just prove fashion would always be as fierce and hot as ever without all the guilt.

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7 thoughts on “Spparrkalifuurrgilisstikexpadelicious

  1. I love everything about your outfit. I love love your high boots. Are they flats or do they have heels? Your fur coat is very chic. It is very Christmassy..all glittery and sparkly.

  2. That jacket is insanely fab!!! I want one! It also makes me so giddy to hear you talk that way about faux fur, you’re right! All the hotness without the guilt! You go girl!

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