I may be late on saying this but Happy Thanksgiving to y’all!

Okay, okay.. traditionally Filipinos don’t celebrate this holiday but in my more than a year stay in Dalian plus having foreign friends, lead us on knowing what Thanksgiving is like.

Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to go on a Thanksgiving dinner which our church DICF International hosted at Swish Hotel Dalian. Together with our friends and church family, event was genuinely amazing! Hugs, smiles, singing, dancing and praises filled the room of well lighted chandeliers. Not to mention the food was great too. Was definitely blown away with the sugar treats, think I have found the best mango cheesecake in town.

fish, chicken, turkey, leaks and canton
cucumber, raw salmon and bread
treats that will melt your heart, cheesecake, chocolate pie and fruits

It was definitely a feast for all and what’s more moving our church who organized the event was able to share the love of God not only to other foreigners but to the locals as well. Note that blatant religious organizations and works are strictly prohibited in China due to various reasons (mainly political), so having this kind of event is somehow risky. However, it was the Almighty’s power that still made it happen. Definitely a one thankful and happy day. 🙂


On a different note, this is my 101th post just amazing that I’d reach this far on blogging. So thank y’all for support and love you continuously show.   Oh one more thing FeastFul Life is now in Facebook, don’t forget to like our page! Big thankssss and hugs in advance!

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

      1. Just make it brighter.. we have our friendly software.. hahaha.. adjust mo exposure and brightness.. tapos play with Saturation at Vibrance.. (“,).

        Kaya mo.. play with them lang.. Nagawa mo nga sa landscapes eh.. hihihi

  1. Wow congrats on your 101st post!

    The food looks super lovely! Hubby and I celebrated Thanksgiving too.. And decided to celebrate it regularly.. We do need to give gratitude to God’s blessings =)

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