November Chill

striped beige cowl neck dress Blind Date | bubble jacket B+F | warm tights & booties Taobao | bag Topshop

It is getting chilly these days, so slipping in thick comfortable jacket, warm tights and high booties are likely musts when going out. Sometimes I add on a scarf for full chill battle gear; however this cowl neck dress was an exception.

The dress was really efficient enough because the neckline gives a fabulous scarf illusion due to more material just hanging/scooping around my neck which I find quite flattering for my size too. This is my first cowl neck dress; I think I am a fan now.


We are now in Facebook – YES Finally!! Page was created days ago, quick link is in the upper right bar nav so hoping you’d take time on liking the site. Big thanks and hugs in advance!

7 thoughts on “November Chill

  1. very cute! sweater dresses are so awesome, i cant get enough of them. you look super cute in this one and those boots are just lovely. i love your pictures!


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