All’s Well Cafe, Dalian China

Located in the heart of Dalian business district, All’s Well Cafe is one of few restaurants that offer a touch of Western and Chinese cuisine in one. We’ve been in this place many times, below is just summation of what we observed throughout each visits.

What to Rave:

  • Affordable, paying 49 RMB / person for buffet serving is really economical these days.
  • Crew smiles and greets which pretty much gives good welcoming spirit.
  • Fúwùyuán (waiter/waitress) speaks English, if not then most of them are blessed with incredible common sense, which is seriously hard to find in other restaurants here in China.
  • Good service. One instance happened when they ran out of mifan (rice) at 7:00pm only. I was ready to just go ahead with my food and accept a meal without rice again same with hubby and rest of our friends, when suddenly a Fúwùyuán handed over half size platter of  rice (the rice given was not the same rice previously served in the buffet table). Shocked as I was, I still managed to ask that same person if they have more for a group of four well 3 guys and 2 girls will a half-size platter be enough – do the math. As his action would normally mean no more to serve, he went back again and brought us a second serving, even fuller. We were seriously amazed, half guilty and thinking … omg!! did we eat crew’s rice dinner?
  • They have a generous pastry / desert bar, not to mention really tasty delights especially the tarts. This place knows how to bake!
  • Open to reservation, telephone is actually working not dead / disconnected compared to others and values customer specifics.
  • Place is warm, cozy, clean and decent, include wash comfort as well.

buffet set 2: stuffed crablets, baked eggplant, chili wings, sweet style meat balls, fish and buttered corn kernels
Steak and Sausage
desert bar

What to Frown:

  • Restaurant closes really early, like 10pm and buffet last call is around 9pm, so being prompt during dinner time is a must which by the way starts at 6pm.
  • Buffet, but there are times they ran out of food.
  • Not sure if they are excessive clean freaks, but personally it ticks me big time seeing a person mopping / sweeping the floor while there’s still group of people sipping coffee and enjoying hearty talk.

Verdict: ❤❤ – Still considering on coming back. Although their food only falls in our average list (not that bad or so great) All’s Well Café has become our staple food hub when we need to escape from usual dilemma on typical unworthy Chinese restaurant setting around the metro. We dined here many times even celebrated our first anniversary with all of our friends and through each visit they still manage to keep them in our hearts with acts of good service and warm welcome. Would I recommend them? Definitely.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All is based from author’s own experience, thoughts, resources and means. Information and reviews provided are for general public purposes only.

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