Unlikely for me to wear hats because my head is seriously larger and a cuuurrrly untamed mane which is hard to keep under. Topping one on me would look like Simba’s great fuzzy fluffy hair. However, admiring Kel of AMuse About one of the smart beautiful fashionista bloggers around plus her to drool for outfits, I could not help myself on trying to don the dreaded hat. So here’s my very first hat outfit post. It doesn’t look that bad, right? Right? Forcing you to agree here 🙂 Kidding!

Through the day hubby complimented by saying “You look like a lovely guy..” (he sure knows how to do prep talk :)) when he snapped these photos, just laughed off and instead poked him with silly jokes that we’re now doing the bromance thing. And a thought suddenly hit me, hey I some what looked like the mob fighting savvy Dick Tracy minus the yellow trench and red tie! But would Mr. Tracy approve? Hope he does, after all I don’t mind looking like a guy. 🙂

It’s Halloween, what are your plans? Who do you  intend dressing up like?

gray boyfriend suit, straw hat & retro clogs Taobao | whit tank top SM Basics | high-waist jean Best Fit

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