Cyber Strike

No, I was not on hiatus its just that the country we’re living decided to be that big cyber b*$#!. Don’t you just hate it when social sites are being actively censored?! Why, you’d ask? Just days after my last post our free trusted proxy tool had been officially blocked by the hail “Great Firewall”.

For those who are not aware this GF is the sole reason why on earth Blogspot, Twitter, Facebook, streaming / downloading sites, Google directed to HK site / Gmail (seriously slow), majority are social media sites Youtube, Friendster, Multiply all can’t be accessed directly in any network here except Word Press (that was before). So a proxy is needed to freely connect to those sites. But as expected proxy we’ve been using for a long time had been blocked now, leaving us non-citizens unconnected to the outside world. *Sigh*

So how come I can still post? Luckily having a tech-y IT husband has perks, hubby suggested to try a web-based proxy though it is not as good like before but pretty enough to connect and surf blocked sites. That’s why I am able to write now too. But how will it affect the site? Today can’t get the full feature of my WP dashboard, there are missing buttons and most of the functionality features have disappeared. No hyperlinks, track backs, no text alignment, can’t add images/video even the link slug not editable. So I am deeply sorry if all you can see now are pure text and more on ranting over the censorship issues implemented here.

Hopefully we can find a good and reliable VPN provider, even if we’ll have to buy. We seriously need it not only because I blog but most of the time at work hubby and I needs technical sites and resources which GF pathetically blocks. So if you know where to get it, feel free to suggest.


7 thoughts on “Cyber Strike

    1. Jay, as I love to flood your site with comment praises about the recent photos you uploaded am afraid this new proxy does not allow me too sorry, kaya dito na lang. I super adore the Pisa shots, so beautiful!! The place is seriously majestic, makes us want to go to Italia asap. πŸ™‚

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