Denim on Denim

Denim is the most used clothing piece of all time. As I always say its fun, easy and comfortable to wear. Now wearing double denim means double fun. If I am not mistaken this was a hot trend among celebrities and fashion runways since last year.

Yet flaunting this trend may not be that easy due to texture and color wash of the fabric. But beautiful fashion bloggers have defied the idea and perfectly rocked their denim diva ensembles. They even mixed denims with other pieces too. Take, Lornadhal of Extra Seksi did beautiful matching denim dress and shoes, Alissa of Stylish Curves elegant on denim sleeves and sequence skirt, Charlotte of Sugar and Spice lovely denim dress with cardigan and Michelle of Michelle’s Style File very gorgeous on denim with leather outfit. It means one thing, denim is more than just a bottom now a days.

Would you dare to be a denim diva too?

denim sleeves Caren Sport | white straps SM Basics | denim jeggings Padx Collection | flats Verona


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