Jeans + Flats + Suit

If you ask me what outfit would only take 5 minutes to wear, its JFS – jeans, flats and suit! A classic ready to wear combi of all time, note the fact that these pieces are ultra comfortable too. It is an outfit I never get tired of.

Suit makes the look glamorously casual (must have!), perfect jeans boost body figure yeess!! (mind you can do sprints while catching a bus trip :)) and flats well for endless walks (i’d say window shopping that is!) By the way, flats worn here are Russian hand-painted shoes bought online which I bagged a very good deal (35 RMB). Didn’t know hand-painting is still on these days. Really really lovely, especially with its square tip.

Do you like wearing JFS?

skinny jeans from H&M | striped tee from C&A | khaki suit from Bershka | stella watch from Fossil | flats from Garbo Taobao seller


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