Kitchen Talk: Fried Tilapia

Every household in my country, knows this dish. Quite popular to all people and often cooked in different ways. With coconut milk, plain water with tomatoes, grilled with lots of onions & garlic, of course our/my favorite; flipping it in oil. So imagine our excitement that Tilapia is widely eaten here, perfect because hubby is craving on it too. But before, we’d go to the happy part of eating let me share a thing or two about getting it fried in a good looking way.

  • First, make sure the oil is way hot before putting the fish. This way you’d avoid it getting it burn/ripped badly when you flip it on the other side. Wisikan ng tubig, if the oil gets crazy, then its hot.
  • Don’t use lots of oil. I have tried this before and the consequence, malata; no crispness on its skin.
  • When flipping, apply gentle force. This is a tip should be implied by hubby, frying is his weakness. Don’t ask how it looked when he first fried this fish. Let’s just say we ended up eating like cats. 🙂
  • Lastly, good-size frying pan/wok is recommended. If the pan is smaller cutting the fish by two helps to fry it with sufficient coverage of oil.
Fried Tilapia

Hope this helps and big thanks to my mom, learned cooking because of her.

I know you are reading now so this post is dedicated for you in teaching me your secrets

frying this good toasted fish. Miss you! 🙂


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