What’s in my Bag?

First participation at IFB’s Project on What’s in your Bag topic.  Basically, I’m type of the girl that takes a while before shifting to a new bag. Often I am having a hard time cleaning, I don’t get to throw unwanted so easily. Pretty obvious because you see there’s piles of receipt in the picture. So my bag stuffs include :

  • 1 RMB coin (sorry i don’t own a coin purse) 🙂
  • lipsticks, lip balm, bb cream, blush & brush as kikay kit.
  • umbrella because it’s getting rainy these days.
  • office proxy card, cabinet key and RSA (remote token), just leave it inside my bag always because these are important stuffs at work.
  • long silver wallet gifted by my mom where I keep cards, bills and tons of receipt in order. So, lets just keep it closed.
  • Ipod nano, to keep me alive at work. 🙂

Very basic right? So what’s in you bag ?? Check out more girls doing this challenge just click the above link.


12 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag?

  1. in my bag… a lot. Aside from the usual beauty kit, I must have these: med box for emergency, wipes,sanitizer, tiger balm, white flower, fancy pins, keys, pens, calculator, a spare earrings & bracelet, keys, 2 hankies, a small bottle of water, mouthwash, coin purse ,wallet & a small bodyguard/tear gas for security and sometimes an unbrella. All inside a bag organizer with 10 compartments and placed in my bag. So whenever I change bag all I have to do is pull it out and trasfer in another bag… so EASY and FAST

  2. Hi dear! Thank you for your lovely comment about my bag! I see you can make quite a competition to Hermione as well!;)) i’m asking myself all the time why do we, girls keep on toting kilos in our bags? But actually I love having everything I need within a reach!
    Love that you have a hand cream I actually should get one too
    Love your bag! It’s gorgeous!

    Thanks again dear for your great comment




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