Had the most tiring day ever. Early at 10, Jay-jay and I went to Dalian Maritime University to meet some colleagues for a game. Every week, group of badminton enthusiast gather for a 2 hour game sponsored and paid by our company. Fortunately one of the them is a friend of ours Justin, so we got invited even though I blatantly told him I am a worst player. But he reasoned out that its a good form of exercise. Kaya sige na nga..

They were starting when we came, it took  minutes more to get know new friends, spotting a possible opponent and be on shame with this dreadful game. By the way I can’t help but compliment the gymnasium. It is really nice, big, well lighted, polished and clean! First time that I saw a public place in Dalian this good. In fairness, they have 2 big LCD TV bongga!



Oh, Jeff missed all the fun because he had something to finish at the office. Boo!! May next Saturday pa naman according to him.

Anyway, I’d be a liar if I’ll say I never felt pain. For a girl who haven’t played badminton for more than 2 years now, it was an excruciating process of running here-there, spotting good timing  for a smash (feelingera pinipilit mag-smash kuno) and moments of avoiding one’s head/face from a serious player/shuttlecock. I had my fair share of embarrassing moments too, while trying to hit back I accidentally did a leg split smack right on the floor. And the worst part?  The racquet went flying in the air after saving the shuttlecock on a forehand position. My opponent (a girl which they/I thought I can beat) can’t stop laughing, actually all of them can’t stop laughing. We also did Philippines vs China game, but don’t ask who won because it is so obvious. 🙂

So in conclusion never play badminton with a Chinese fellow, because you’d never win. Kidding! But seriously they are so so so good! To the nth level sa galing. Similar with the athletes I get to watch in the Olympic badminton competition, I am really convinced that Badminton and Ping-pong are their official sports. 🙂

So do you like badminton too? If not, do you have a latest sports craze?

Are you good at it, getting better, average or never mind?




3 thoughts on “Badminton

  1. Hahaha.. next time have some stretching! :p
    Actually, they do have some clean and well lit badminton courts all over China.. The only I don’t like is their bathroom.. I guess you already know what I mean! 😀

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