when big day comes …

.. I can hardly sleep.

.. future thoughts and ramblings always invade my mind.

.. it feels the day ends so quickly.

Day started me going home at 3 in the morning, thanks to ‘ayaw paawat na client’ and night shift schedule I never noticed that the clock struck 12. Had the hardest time ever getting myself to sleep. I stared and continuously stared at every corner in our room, thanks again no one tried to spook. At 8:30 I was still dead tired and dealing with a slight migraine when hubby started to sing a familiar song. Reluctant and a bit disturbed, just waved my hand bid goodbye as he left for work. Then an hour later, crazy calendar alarm went on and on. There I knew, I really need to brave the day because I am officially 28. So the rest of the day went as,

  • Hubby came back at lunch time with roses and a hearty cake.
  • Put on my 1.3 year old dress that amazingly still fit me.
  • Got two best inspiring messages in my mobile and email from the best parents in the world.
  • A 10 minute call from my sweet sister straight from Manila.
  • 125 sweet thoughtful shout-outs from my thoughtful friends in Facebook.
  • Promised myself to be in the office early, but was late. Good thing my manager was kind enough and still allowed me to take the half day leave. Thanks boss!
  • Tasted the first ever curry I could find in Dalian, China.
  • Sat and star-gazed from the newly built couple-swing in front of our flat.
  • Had one of the best meaningful life/future conversations with hubby.
If this is the meaning of life, sana birthday ko araw-araw. 🙂

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