Abashi Curry

To celebrate my 28th year on earth, hubby and I headed for a little Indian treat. Wait Indian .. in China?? Yup! and I am talking about real curry of course! Honestly, this is my first time in an Indian restaurant. Never tried to eat/visit because literally I don’t know what to order and the smell, find it a bit weird. But two of our dear friends had been craving particularly on this restaurant mind you they are both Filipinos.  So maybe there’s no harm on trying.

The restaurant is located downtown, 30 min drive from our place and situated in the best street (Yan’an Lu) that I’ve ever been in the city, why? Because the neighborhood is packed with good looking restaurants, less cars passing by and canopy of trees along intersecting alleys. Restaurant from the outside can be deceiving, from instant view you would not notice it is an Indian restaurant except if you’d take a closer look on their monogram which has the word curry written.

But when you enter the place, there.. the smell of burning curry.

Behold, what we ordered. There’s still missing dishes that I forgot to snap from last night, the Biryani which is a mixed rice and Chicken Tikka that reminds me of chicken inasal. Food was seriously delicious, never expected Indian curry could be this good.  Was having lots of fun tearing off the naan and dipping it all the way in their best mesala ever. How I wish, we ordered more curry. well there’s always next time. 🙂

Verdict: ❤❤❤❤ – The Best! One of our most visited and loved restaurants in Dalian especially on occasions that we want something other than chinese cuisine. It is place where you can relax and dine well. Definitely our comfort food.

Do you like curry too?

Couldn’t remember the name, but it has something to do with eggplant + curry + green bell pepper.
Chicken Kebab
Potato Naan, this is becoming my favorite.
hubby in his busog look

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All is based from author’s own experience, thoughts, resources and means. Information and reviews provided are for general public purposes only.


12 thoughts on “Abashi Curry

  1. Nakakagutom naman! I love New Bombay’s cheese and mushroom masala and cheese naan (until I discovered how acidic cheeses can get), eggplant barta and almond lassi.

    You’re lucky to have an authetic Indian restaurant there! 🙂

    1. Haha, but i think curry in your place is way better than here. in fact that’s the only place that can serve Indian curry, others are Thai and Malay but it taste lame..

      I miss Mang Inasal too, lalo na yung sawsawan nila 🙂

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