New Lappie

Today is an awesome day, thanks to hubby for making it so special. Why? Because I finally got my new lappie this afternoon as an early gift from him. Actually he had been planning it for a while because my laptop for 5 years now is inevitably showing signs of aging. From server hanging, graphics lagging, unexpected shutdowns, constant high CPU usage consumption up to the most horrific blue-screen boot-ups. Mind you built-in wifi is busted too, so sometimes its just frustrating to use. But I couldn’t blame her, if you got truck loads of applications installed who wouldn’t wear off right? And 5 years is pretty long enduring time of service, so I guess it is just fair to let her retire from a tedious job of constant processing.

a look at my old laptop, Acer TravelMate 3220 gifted by my dear father.

Anyway, took us less than an hour of stroll in Electronic City when we stopped and decided to settle with Toshiba. Hubby already did most of the research about laptops and he’s quite convinced Toshiba is a worth-it piece of technology. On the other hand, I was leaning more on adding another Apple gadget in my list, but hubby made a rational debate why it might be a bad idea especially if I plan to use the laptop for work/job purposes. Well, just thankful I married a techy guy. So on my next posts I’ll might go through more on the details and experiences on using it.

Toshiba Stall
hubby in his "pikturan mo ko look" with the RMB's in his hand. lols.
new laptop on configuration mode

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