Easy Breezy

cropped bat wing blouse Bershka | cotton tube H&M | harem pants H&M | studded black flat sandals Taobao | bronze bangles H&M

Was a little naive when I said summer might be over, but it looks like it was just the beginning. For consecutive days, it has been a struggle to stay cool and  less sweaty even if I’d walk only for 5 mins it feels like bucket of sweat is pouring down on me. Seriously its hot.. and anything loose to wear is a sign of relief.

What I like with this cropped blouse is its so thin, very soft and so breathable.. but it took me weeks before wearing it because I need something to conceal my upper area other than a piece of straps to make it less revealing. The pants was bought out of curiosity if harem style will simply work on my size. See I am a full figured woman with bolder hips and waist which makes me look heavy in the mid portion but its amazing how the natural draping and darker color helped my hips looked really small. Plus the fact that air is gushing freely between my legs when I walk, makes it very very comfortable in a hot day.

Do you like wearing loose outfit? If so, what kind?


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