Snapshots: Glimpse of Downtown Life

Youhao Guangchang

The day started dim, at half past 1o when we left for Sunday church visit we could see different levels of mist surround Dalian. Sun was just plainly absent as expected. Travel to downtown normally take almost one hour from our place whether you’d take a taxi or regular bus and like other cities, Dalian’s downtown has plenty of buildings sprouting at any sides, wider streets, shops and more good place to eat. But its the noise of cramped vehicles on the streets and hundreds of people everywhere busy walking / talking, makes you feel more and more you are in the center of a big city. Lucky for us, our flat is in a much quiet place.

underpass signage
greens and flowers along a busy walkway

But one thing nice though and this I noticed in most areas in Dalian that even in a busy area, they find ways to create beautiful green landscapes. Colorful bright flowers from purple, yellows, pink and whites are their favorite, what’s amazing too elderly looking people around 40’s are the ones planting it. Walkways are always clean in the morning and less people are jaywalking. Street signs are very tourist friendly having both English and Chinese characters present. I think I’m starting to love this place eternally.

bus and taxi stops
telephone booth
victory plaza reminds me of Greenhills, you can buy anything here.
most common stalls you’d see, seems wedding is a big thing not only in Dalian but across China
hubby wandering around, looking for place to eat
not sure what the name stands for, but we’re both giggling the moment we noticed it
oriental styled stalls
shops everywhere

So what’s your downtown looked like?

Do you like living in a city?

let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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