Suit ‘n Shorts

balmain-styled high-shoulder suit Taobao | plain white cami SM Basics | printed shorts H&M | nude wedges Taobao | earrings & bag Taobao

Since Monday I have been notoriously waking up late, so the time and effort to fix an outfit to work had become a hasty process. Come Saturday morning, hubby made it clear to me we’d be dining out for dinner and as a result I was in all mood of finding a fun not so formal evening look.  The suit made it work perfectly, simply fell in-love with its high pads when I first bought it online and it looked tailored fit too.

Printed shorts is from H&M, its the only shop in the mall that has my size. Had worn this too on couple occasions, but this is the first time I paired it with a suit. Just loved how comfortable it is and the color can play both laid back and evening look. As for the wedges, got it last Thursday from an online shoe shop and been worrying that it might not fit because my size is bigger compare to any locals. Good thing it did fit well, super like how the straps  criss-cross all the way up to the ankle. But the heels were seriously high and after some hours of walking I’d find myself just sitting around. But somehow I was lucky enough to navigate myself through out the night, thanks to hubby’s arm.

Do you find yourself in the same situation? How long can you manage to walk with heels on?

10 thoughts on “Suit ‘n Shorts

  1. I LOVE your shorts. Love love love them! Living in NYC I totally relate to the walking in heels all day comment. My husband always yells at me for my inappropriate footwear. I’ve learned recently if I know I’m going to be walking a lot (like going to a museum, Central Park, etc) I either need to wear flats or wedges. Either that or deal with achy feet and a cranky husband.

    XO- Corrie @

  2. Thank you ladies for the compliments. 🙂

    @Lornadahl, sarap magflats naman kasi very comfortable talaga.

    @Corrie, I agree nothing beats flat footwear. Oh if your husband yells, mine complains a looot because I make him feel really short with my heels on.:)

  3. i love it. i have a suit that i pretty much abuse as well. its from Oxygen. I love Oxygen’s suits cause they are soo tailor fit and fits my big frame. i pair it even with jeans making for a power casual ensemble

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