Oriental Daisy Duke

It is no doubt summer might be over in Dalian as rain is becoming more visible these days, but sometimes just couldn’t help it when the sun is so high and heat gets through my skin.. need to be wearing shorts! I know, I know.. to some I might be the least pleasant woman with shorts on because my thighs have those all unpleasant stuff that most women forsake and swear of – cellulite. But so what? I love my body, it’s hot, prefer to feel comfortable and shorts, so wearing it!

As a full-figured woman living in China, it is somewhat a mind-boggling challenge finding clothes that fits. To tell you frankly, this is the very first time I bought a pair of denim shorts because it took me forever finding one. But it kinda amazes me that there are online stores in Taobao selling bigger sizes. Finally! Taobao is becoming size friendly these days. The quality is also good though I purchased one size bigger because I want a little loose to avoid the friction between my thighs, the fit still works perfectly especially in the hips. It looked like it was tailored for me, now big girls can show some freaking skin. Denim shorts is so summer perfect, carefree, comfortable and just fun to wear.

Gotta love this stolen photo taken by hubby, we were both laughing as a local was checking on me? May be he was wondering on my big untamed very curly hair which made him think I look far less Asian? Whatever is the reason, I am just glad that summer heat can be greatly felt here in Dalian. It make us miss Philippines more.

So when was the last time you worn shorts?

And how short did you go? Care to share?

+++ Top +++

retro bat sleeve by 王凤雷wfl

+++ Bottoms +++

denim shorts from Best Lisa

gladiator shoes by 李秋萍99

+++ Accessories +++

sunglasses from I love my Life store

retro bronze bangles from 崔记商行

leather bag from Sunny Days

6 thoughts on “Oriental Daisy Duke

  1. mmmm I rarely wear shorts unless I’m home or we are going swimming! =p

    I’m glad to be back to the blogosphere! haha been away for a long while!

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