Snapshots: Big Day at Laohutan

Coast of Laohutan

Exactly a week ago was hubby’s birthday and to celebrate the occasion we went to visit Laohutan area. The plan was to have a picnic and get lazy along the beach. But much to our surprise the beach is literally located inside the Ocean Park which you will need to pay another 190 RMB each. With all honesty the park really looked cool inside, so enticing because aside from the beach there are marine animals like polar bears, cute dolphins and sea lions as one of their attractions and a museum only for coral reefs. Mind you, there’s also a KFC food chain inside which is a bit surprising. But seriously entrance fee is way too expensive especially if you arrive late like 1PM and park will close around 6, so checking the park was not the best option.

hubby with the warship

Unwilling to pay, we instead did a 4hr walkathon along the area took some pictures and marvel at scenic beauty that the place has to offer. It kinda feels nice too when you try to blend-in with the crowd, even my looks and Mandarin is so not fitting I often get asked by any local couples to take a picture of them which I find very interesting. I might look chinese in their eyes? I doubt. Anyway, all photos are combination of camera phones which is actually quite useful and easy in cases that a trusted camera goes unavailable,  my dlsr battery died only minutes of walking. Good thing our phones were one heck of a savior, miracle of technology! 🙂

beautiful and wide walkway along Laohutan road
birthday boy striking a pose
China’s warship is enormously long! Seriously!
along the ferry docking area
This feels like Santorini, blue skies, sea and a white ferry. 🙂
hubby at tiger stone square
cute looking rides
people everywhere enjoying the summer heat
seaside mountain
tiger stone square

let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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