Black and White

casual black & white ensemble

I am a die-hard  fan of black tones, no doubt on that.

On the other hand, always been hesitant on using white as it looks uber unflattering on my body.

But this time I took the chance of wearing one of the most comfortable clothes on earth – white tees!

As summer is widely felt here in Dalian since April, I couldn’t help but give in – blame the heat.

If  white tees weren’t so comfortable and heat resistive I’ll end throwing a much darker shade again.

Love the coat though, the big lapel and futuristic pads made it looked so fierce!

Pretty darn nice for a sloppy shoulder like me.

Balmain look-a-like high shoulder coat

Top : Balmain look-a-like from Gayang Clothing Taobao China

Top : White Tee from H&M China

Bottoms : Black Jeggings from H&M China

Shoes : Black Velvet ankle length from Korean Market

Earrings: from my previous post

6 thoughts on “Black and White

    1. Nice, didn’t know you love white clothing. Whites are so perfect for summer, its simplicity makes an equal sense of formality of the blacks.

      Hey let me know about your black pants hunting. 🙂

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