gifts, mine and his

Last Friday I was caught in a very awesome techy-surprise arranged by my dear husband.t. As a celebration of our 1st year anniversary he decided to give me a gorgeous frosted gold-colored phone. Never thought will own such beautiful gadget as I have been constantly reminding him/ourselves that we need to seriously start saving up and lessen our splurging impulse. But hubby said, “First year anniversary comes once in a life time, so my gift should be special.” Awww, was so touched and half-guilty because my gift don’t seem to have the same value. :p

Read through to know more about my gift.

hubby's gift

Anyway, he sure knows how to make a day special even turned into a surprise which he planned successfully. I like the fact that hubby knows how to pick a phone that matches my strong taste and significant uses. He really knows me inside out and I am utterly grateful for that.

Ever since I am not so keen and meticulous  when it comes to mobile phones. As long as it can send sms and connect calls, it is so fine with me. However I have been using Blackberry phone for more than 6 months now, it was just a hand-me down from hubby when he purchased his Galaxy Samsung and also originally owned a Sony Ericsson K660i but I only keep it because I maintain local sim from the Philippine for cheaper family connectivity. So it’s been a while I haven’t touched nor used any Nokia models, the last was during my first college years one of the oldest model was a hit that time – Nokia 3210 phones which I used to own. So imagine the difference and big big adjustment knowing that mobile phones nowadays are way to fancy when we talk about features.

Nokia E72
sleek design

Below are some of my raves after few days of owning it,

  • Color made it super posh, from the outer shell it screams elegance and first class fashion up to the technical level which is not usual for business type of phone.
  • The sleek design made it look so edgy, weight makes it comfortable to carry and the so spacious qwerty keypad gives room to comfortable typing.
  • No stubborn annoying trackball, one of the reason why I need to give up my Blackberry. It’s being replaced with an optical mouse button.
  • Hot keys are obviously available in the keypad alone, so it saves time navigating through the menu.
  • Fantastic 5MP camera, which can be really good at night time and speakers for music/ video are fantastic which could match my iPod nano.
  • It has WIFI/3G/EDGE/GPRS/GPS/Blue tooth so accessibility can be done anywhere and everywhere.
  • Fantastic free applications such as eBuddy, Skype, etc can be downloaded and installed free. Office and pdf reader are included by default.
  • Best of all, office outlook, communicator and lotus notes mail can be simultaneously configured. These are the features you’ll like most if you take pride on checking office mails even before going to bed. 🙂 Cool isn’t it?
So you are probably thinking by now what did my generous hubby received in return? Actually my idea was not to spend much since I long proposed to him that my anniversary and his birthday gift (he’ll be celebrating soon) will be combined into one splurge gift. So I just gave him a new wallet to replace his 2 year old worn-out leather. This wallet is different, bigger compare to the standard sizes mainly because RMB (Renminbi) bills are bigger in size, just like the Yen. The sides were nicely sewed, has several layers for cards, 2 areas which personal pictures can be placed plus vendor blatantly claims it was made out of a  genuine leather. Nevertheless, it looked so promising so I do hope it will similarly last like hubby’s old wallet.
Levi's Mens Wallet
inside part

Oh by the way, giving purses/wallet is a good symbol in Chinese culture it means prosperity and wealth.  🙂

4 thoughts on “gifts, mine and his

  1. Thank you vien, yup yours coming up soon. Any plans?

    So far, Jeff rates his phone with 5 stars. So I assume he likes using it talaga. It can do almost everything din from WIFI/3G/EDGE/GPRS, the wide and touch screen gives you a feeling like you have a version of iPhone. Good very vibrant graphic colors too.

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