Kitchen Talk: chicken lollipops

Ever since I moved in with hubby last October, felt like the passion of cooking evolved in me for the past months. Though I am blessed with a husband who has fantastic cooking skills (better than me, I suppose), feel really happy that I am finally learning how to cook and proud enough to please my hubby’s taste pallet. So, starting this post to openly share my struggles, excitement, fun, frustrations and triumph on both simple and challenging dishes that you could imagine.

To start off, today’s dish is made out from a very common source – chicken. Sure you’ve heard about chicken lollipops most children like it, do you? Or by any chance have you tried making one?

crispy chicken lollipop

Think its an easy dish but the real challenge in making chicken lollipops is the process of actually making it to look like a lollipop. And when you learned this phase, all the next steps will just be a piece of cake – so as eating it.

  • Chicken wings
  • Egg
  • Seasoned cooking mix (used McCormick)
  • Oil for frying

Few things to remember:

  • Amazing to think that chicken lollipops are made out from the wings, so choose the most tender and fresh wing part when you buy at the supermarket.
  • Scraping chicken wings from one joint end to another produces the lollipop shape, but the easiest way to scrape the skin and meat out from the bone is by cutting through the wing joints. If you won’t cut the joints then 2 bones will be sticking out thus making the whole chicken less bite-size hard to fry.
  • To form the lollipop shape wrap the skin and meat gently but firmly against the bone. If you tug it hard skin and meat might detach from the bone.
  • It is a must to dip each lollipops in the egg before trying to coat it with the seasoned mix. Aside from adding flavor, egg makes the mix to stick firmly on the chicken while frying.
  • Good subs for seasoned mix is an all-purpose flour / bread crumbs seasoned with salt and black pepper.
  • When frying with less oil, always do it in medium-heat to avoid chicken being burned and try to flip the chicken occasionally so you can level the color.
  • I guess, the most important of all is to have a well-sharpened knife to cut through the joints and skin. Thus makes the whole scrapping way way easier. Just be careful because chicken wings can slide through your fingers.
This dish is best served with chili sauce or ketchup while hot. So enjoy and happy cooking. 🙂

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