conquered and moved

Lots of good stuffs happened, we couldn’t help but share and thank God for His continuous blessings to us.

First off, feels like yesterday when we had our pre-anniversary getaway at the great capital, Beijing. The trip was not long planned. Seriously, we have thought and prepared of it for less than a week but the whole experience turned out to be truly amazing, ultra historic and fantastic as we met lots of fellow travelers from around the globe.  Though the journey going back here was not the easiest (Beijing airport is super big not fun if you’ll get lost or ramming up to catch a flight) nor the most pleasant one because it was turbulence every minute unexpected for a fair sunny skies. We are just greatly happy and felt so blessed to be back home, thank you Lord for keeping us safe always.  For more pictures and stories about our trip, stay tune for my travelogue post.

glimpse of The Great Wall

Lastly, after several months of considerations and days of house-hunting we finally moved in to our new home. It’s been months that hubby wanted to move out from the previous flat we lived in due to space issue. It had been a real challenge for him as he was constantly weary if we could find a nice, new and bigger flat that would magically fit in our budget since houses here in Dalian is not cheap. But God is truly magnificent, He genuinely knows the desires of His children. So after we got back from Beijing, we had news from our real estate agent that she has 3 flats for us to see and in-case we ‘ll like it we can move in immediately.

So I went, meticulously check all the flats if you’d see me that time you would probably get bored because I have long lists of must’s and should’s.  Then the one that I literally fell in-love with, price was a bit off. But then again God made it possible as the price lowered and seemingly fit in our budget. Call that a super miracle! I was really ecstatic and so was hubby since he liked the place too, imagine Day 3 of  moving-in with 40% of our personal stuffs were available he already asked me to stay for a night. Who can resist a spacious, 2-storey separate bedroom, properly furnished (except the i-net port which can be fixed) and a newly renovated flat? All I can say, its perfect! Lovely in every way.

view from our living room
me at our lovely sofa
hubby fixing the tv
movie, cs night with hi-Soft pinoys

Thanks hi-Soft pinoys for sharing a wonderful moment with us last night. We really enjoyed it, though I may have slept earlier than most of you hehe. 🙂


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