Prayers to Japan

Friday, was goggling for a tutorial in the office when an 8.9 deadly earthquake was made headline news and only to know it was an hour passed since a great quake and horrific tsunami struck over our neighbor country Japan. By then, all I can read were articles about the magnitude, description and its epicenter.

Today, I am completely saddened after seeing hundreds of photos showing results on how massive was the destruction in all of the affected cities. Rubbles everywhere, flooded streets, roaring fires, washed away cars/boats, nuclear leakage, death/missing toll rising and thousand of homeless people; totally heart breaking. Some would think why it had to happen in Japan, why amidst it country’s advance technology such catastrophic event crippled them badly? Only God and mother nature knows the answer.



the aftershock

pictures courtesy of Goggle


But to the people of Japan, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Despite of the loss and burden, I pray for blessings, continuous strength, courage and undying hope to recover. That with the grace of our Almighty God you may find comfort and peace despite the hardships, to know that you are not alone and there is still a Greater One that can supply and bless all our needs. Be brave, be still with your faith and believe.


let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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