Part 2: Gong Xi Fa Cai

As Chinese New Year celebrations officially ended last 17th, would like to take this time to share  fantastic pictures I had about the most well-celebrated festivity here in China. These photos were taken back last February 3rd when we (Jeff  and I)  together with some Filipino friends (Jayjay and Gen) braved the winter cold winds of Xinghai Park to witness an awesome 30-min spectacle of fireworks.  Exact venue was at Xinghai Square, but we chose to camp at the park because of one reason – less crowd.

chinese crowd patiently waiting for the fireworks display
first minutes of the show
from a far distance, I remember.. was at the park's shoreline when I took this photo.


Since we were basically situated at the far end, most of the pictures were on long range. So we decided to head near in the park’s steep hill-y side. Basically rubbed elbows with Chinese locals just to get a glimpse of these superb light exploding art… and  it was all worth it.

people who were in front of me
was tipping-toes in this photo just to avoid people who were actually blocking my view
view that I had when I finally squeezed myself through the crowd. seriously i was standing at the edge of the hill when I took this photo.
last minutes of the show
and it ended


After the awesome display, I took the liberty to shoot some amazing landscapes.

view from the left most side of the riverbank is a mix of business and residential district. reminds me though a mini version of victoria harbour in hk.
view from the right most of the river bank.


The night ended when we went back at the park grounds where we saw almost all people playing with firecrackers and lighting their on little paper lanterns. By curiously standing there, we were just  guessing it might be a traditional symbolic thing. Like communicating with their dead love ones or setting new hopes and dreams for the new year.  Well, only Chinese people can tell what it really meant but whatever it was we were all happy we get to watch and experience one of their most treasured traditions.

our friend jayjay trying to help a complete chinese stranger lighting his own lantern
chinese couple gearing as they take their lantern up to the air
people and bystanders



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