Part 1: Gong Xi Fa Cai

If you are living in China, I am pretty sure these days are the most celebrated moments of their culture.  People busy heading home, supermarkets full of rush shoppers, symbolic materials hanging/posted in everyone’s door, kids roughly setting off noisy fireworks, families reunited and the best part, 7-day celebration.

Why? Its Chinese New Year (CNY)! If you noticed, Chinese people celebrate their Lunar New Year as one of the most important days of their lives. Just like how we (Filipinos) value Christmas, they also like festivities and love spending time with their families too. Reunion is a must; reason why most people endure long tiring queues amidst the populated crowd at train, bus and airport terminals trying so hard just to get back home. Something that I truly admire.

But as for us, we won’t be going home since airfares are becoming extremely expensive during holidays. So far we have celebrated 2 New Year for 2011 and fore the record this is my first CNY in China. To make it somewhat special, we had a lovely dinner at home. So, Jeff and I both cooked. My husband proudly grilled his own version of pork bbq and I cooked my very first Chinese dish called Kung Pao Shrimps  which I searched online from a fantastic food website for references, hehehe..

Here are some photos,

pork bbq
kung pao shrimps with crab meat
Chinese writings posted in every door; to bring luck, protection and peace for the coming year
Traditional Chinese lantern is big round, bright red with tassels on the bottom end. Symbolizes exuberance, good wealth, luck, long life and fortune which is  normal in every Chinese household during Lunar New Year.
scene along the streets before 12 midnight
fireworks at the back of our apartment
it’s red 🙂
man standing closely setting off a fountain
yes they love fireworks!

let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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