OOTD: Glamorously Casual

charcoal-colored 3/4 cut blazer + gray sleeveless tunic + dark washed jeggings

Inspired by most celebrities casual look from Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Jennifer Aniston up to the ever gorgeous Victoria Beckham, I opted to try their style in a plus size way. Idea was something glamorously wearable, has that corporate stiff but very comfy and should still be edgy for a young career-oriented woman. So it was with great joy putting up this outfit, every piece took me time in finding them and the result was really what I always wanted. I uber love it!

Have you worn something glamorously casual? An outfit you adored so much for work?

gray loose sleeveless tunic

Got my top from a thrift bin, its razorback style and had initially thought of wearing loose mainly for comfort and breeze out of adding the blazer. I used also a full-cup undergarment to add a firm look on my chest, just to avoid that saggy heavy look because the tunic was made from a light material.

charcoal-colored 3/4 cut blazer

Finding the blazer was the most challenging part. Normally sizes are way smaller for me in shoulders and especially on bust area, maybe for reasons that most Filipinas are born petite. Luckily I was spared at Landmark and good thing it fits exactly through my shoulders. The blazer had a low cut thin width lapel, just perfect for those that are heavy on top like me since it draws slender proportion on my mid-section body frame and 3/4 cut arm length adds that hip vibe.

This is the first time I have used jeggings (garterized jeans). Bought it from the plus size section at SM Makati. What to love with this jeans is the fact that it was evenly dark washed, so stretchable and fits perfectly from my waist down to my thighs. Since it was naturally long for me in length I opted to fold it twice. Not bad since it compliments with my gray tunic plus made my fierce strappy heels so recognizable.

dark washed jeggings
black strappy heels

blazer : Details by Landmark

top : thrift bin at Shopwise Alabang

bottom : dark washed jeggings by Padx Collection

shoes : summer collection by Parisian SM

accessories : capiz dangling earrings from Subic Bay & silver band from Baguio


let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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