Black & Gray

V-neck Gray Julia Dress + 3/4 Black Waterfall Jacket

 julia dress Kai Plus | waterfall jacket Weekender | flats Parisian

One of the most common palettes i always work on are black and gray. Believe it or not,  with 10 ensembles hanging in my closet more than half of it are of black hues.  There is something with these colors that I like so much, maybe the idea that i look slimmer in it. Nah I guess it’s the simplicity as well as the elegance it brings.

Bought the dress from my favorite online plus size shop  Kai Plus and so happy that it fits me well  from the bust down to the hips. As you can see it naturally hugged my curves, literally!  Kinda makes me feel way too sexy because of the semi short pencil skirt cut.

checkered printed flats add playful look

Totally adored the waterfall jacket the moment i saw it  hanging on a rack at SM. it simply perfect to pair up a nice casual dress as it compliments a laid back look with its 3/4 length arm cut and the cute well-placed stripes lining pocket on each side. Also i super love how the fabric sways each time i walk (feels like a cape, hahaha..) and it  flows right through my curves when i bend/ stretch – so adorbs!

my typical Wednesday look at the office

So what is your typical Wednesday / girl’s night attire?

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