becoming fataboulous!

Living in a very judgmental world isn’t easy especially when you are dealing with weight issues. You are often joked, teased and laughed out every time you meet your family/friends  and  even just passing by.  Let’s admit it, in our country  plus-size/curvy woman has no place to express her love for fashion nor ever given a chance to be equally judged when trying to strut a killer pencil mini skirt. Most often than not, you’ll hear statements like “Anu ba yan!” or “Ang taba, mukhang suman lakas ng loob!”. Sad but true.

Dainty Chic : Mini Floral Dress

But it ain’t the same with these curvy girls and they just love breaking  fashion boundaries – did i say they are real plus size too? Dare right! That’s why I’m so rooting them for life.

  • J of Fatshionable “I think you can be fat/plus size and fashionable—hence my blog name.”
  • Gab of Young Fat & Fabulous, “I’m a fun loving girl who happens to have a flair for fashion. I’m just trying to change the world one fat girl at a time.”
  • Jennifer of Jasifers Lion Club, Filipina “A blog about a plus size girl.”
  • Sakina of Saks in The City, “I have curves and I love Fashion. I created this blog to show curvy ladies like me, that the supposedly plus size fashion rules, are not always true.”
  • LeBlog based in Paris, one of the best blogs I’ve seen though its originally written in French.

Now driven with a lot of inspirations from the fabulous blogs listed, I have compiled and rundown few of my photos that somewhat offers a fashionable taste. No room for apologies, hahhaa.. 🙂

Rocker Chic : Vest + Tights + Killer Heels
Office Chic : Basic Black V-neck Dress
Summer Chic : Ruffled Sleeveless + Shorts

let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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