Travelogue: Things to know before heading to virgin paradise, Palawan

Palawan at its finest, taken at Snake Island

It is said Palawan is the last ecological frontier of the Philippines, by some its a place wherein cluttered of lush green jungles meet the compelling pristine waters and once you visited this virgin paradise you just cannot stop coming back. True enough, I’ve been there couple of times even had my grandest honeymoon vacation of 7 days in this magnificent hidden gem. Friends of mine would say “Why Palawan? Isn’t it dangerous there?” often I smile back and leave them with 2 words to ponder – “Simply Irresistible”.

My total admiration  drove the idea of posting  such article, for travelers that eyed Palawan for so long you just need to remember few things :

1. Palawan, especially in Puerto Princsesa the capital state has a strict “anti-litter” policy, ranging from 200php for first offense up to 1000php + 2 months of imprisonment. This has been there ways for years which truly made them the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines.

2. Never been dangerous. After the incident at Dos Palmas, local government of Palawan had been proactively aware of the scenarios. Local residents say most bay and islands are regularly patrolled by their coast guards and even in towns there are police disguised as civilians that do safety rounds. See? Heck I even walked late at night in the city countless of time, never had an irk feeling that someone would just snatch me.

3. Trash the idea of an overnight traveler, to truly explore the wonders of Palawan you need at least 4 days and a very adventurous heart.

4. Accept the fact that there will always be a rocky ride. Most roads leading to various tourist destinations were halfway done especially leading to the town of El Nido. Needless to say its a funny alternative of a gentle massage. 🙂

5. There is no electricity during 6am-2pm especially in the northern municipalities like Sabang, Roxas, Taytay, El Nido and Coron. Don’t panic, its best to get yourself a dose of daily outdoor activities.

6. Prepare an itinerary of must-do things: places to see, people to meet and food to eat. You don’t want to miss those gratifying moments in a very beautiful place, believe me!

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