The day when “I” became “We”..

Pardon me for being away,  as I was on stealth mode while going through all the preparations of our/my big day. Indeed it was a long, tiring , jittery and a very challenging process but I do remember a lot of memories that fateful day. The sun was shining high, people were busy as early as 6am, can barely eat lunch while enduring hour and a half of make-up styling, big smiles everywhere and most of all I was shaking to death from my legs up to my hands when the violinist played “Panalangin” as I walked down the aisle.  Felt as if it was never-ending, until Jeff held my hands tight and bid my parents with respect in the form of kisses and hugs.

It was a swift ceremony, after then I only remember that I never cried while saying my 3-paragraph vow of which I was so surprise. Anyway, I’m sharing some photo teasers from our big day along side is our engagement session too did by a wonderful and ever talented photographer Mr. Guj Tunpalan of Redsheep Photography.  Enjoy! 🙂

Photo op after the ceremony, we like a little vintagy
loving non-mushy shots
during the ceremony
during preparations at the hotel
during the reception

Our engagement photos at Fernbrook Gardens open fields and Monte di Portofino Alabang

a road shoot
amidst the talahiban, a couple trying to look bad-ass
jeff trying to look a modern vintage mobster
me, playing like a bad-ass chick
here, we did try to look dead hehe..

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