Who says plus size can’t be fun and sexy?

Since December is the month where most of us go to parties (yes count all the Christmas parties we need to attend), I can’t help but wonder and search my inner closets for a perfect dress to flaunt. For a petite frame woman this wont be a problem because out of a t-shirt  paired with good looking belt and fierce shoes – that attire will still be rockin’  hot! But for a  a full- figured woman like me, its a different story. Either I will look plainly cheap or a fashion police would arrest me for committing the worst fashion f aux ever!

Good thing while doing a fashion research, I stumbled on an online multiply shop named  Kai Plus. They are already in the RTW business for quite some time and they specialize on clothes for women with full, busty and curvy figures (that is why there’s a plus added on its name). Most of the clothes came from abroad like Doha, UK, Bangkok and even the “for export” sizes of the Philippines. They humbly hail from Bonifacio Taguig in which their lovely home is turned to a shopping hub for fashionistas like me. Prices range fairly but cheaper compare to any deparment stores like SM and Robinsons.  Some of the goodies that I bought are as follows :

Black Chiffon Cocktail Dress P650.00

All black cocktail dress, a-line in cut with deep V-neck made out of soft chiffon cloth.
Another view on the dress.

Black Cocktail dress with strappy waist belt P650.00

A stretchy black dress with wrap around waist belt. The cut gives a perfect slimming effect.

Casual / Summer Teal dress P500.00

Teal empire cut dress with sleeves, perfect for casual events with friends. Or shall I say I'm smelling the breeze of summer!
A look on the upper part of the dress. Its a low u-shape neck line.

Kai Plus

Mobile:  +639269927783

Website : http://kaiplus.multiply.com/


let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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