Travelogue: Bohol Diaries Day 2 – Part 2 Alburquerque Zoo, Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River Cruise & Man Made Forest

After seeing the majestic Bacalayon church we went few meters further to explore some popular and yet interesting animals that Bohol has to offer.  First stop was the Albuquerque Zoo located in the town of Sta Filomena where in a  python named Prony is so familiar. Prony is the Bohol’s longest and biggest python in captivity found in 1996 in a nearby by cemetery which she only weighs 5kilos. She is  fed live with a 40kg of pig or chicken once every month during full moon. Other animals like birds, lemurs, chickens and cow can be found inside the zoo too. Though the place is small compare to any of the zoo in Manila, it is still a good for  Bohol as the place attracts more than 300 of both local and foreign tourist a day. Entrance fee is P5.00

Prony is a 25-foot long and 200 kilo in weight python in which according to the owners her size is like a 40-yr old python.
Prony's skin sewed as an undergarment, if your lucky enough you'll get to see one of the sanctuary's entertainer aka Rosalinda wearing it. :p
A bald-headed eagle shares a cage beside Prony

Few meters away is the the town of  Sicatuna where you can find one of Bohol’s pride and joy – the tarsiers. Tarsiers are considered to be one of the smallest primate, which is just smaller of an average human hand but can leap branches to branches up to 16 feet in height.

They are typical nocturnal creatures with big large eyes, odd-looking feet, a tail which is similar to a rat and an ear similar to a bat.

Tip: When you take pictures with the tarsiers be kind enough to TURN OFF the camera flash! Since they really have big eyes and when it is struck with bright camera flashes it could blind them. Also, stop touching or lifting them from one place to the other. I know they are cute and touchy but tarsiers often get stressed when people tend to hold them. According to the caretakers, an increasing number of tarsiers have died due to stress and noise.

Sleeping tarsier - soo cute!
A tarsier strutting a "shy kunwari" pose
Another sleepy little one. He must have been tired with all the visitors.

After  fun time with the animals, we headed straight to Loboc for a river cruise. Generally Loboc is a quiet, seemingly peaceful town with old buildings along the river bank and nice people who certainly smiles back. We were dropped in the main river port area in which a streak of different floating resto staffs invite you to dine with them. I hadn’t have much the time to choose as our driver immediately recommended a resto and its past noon (in short gutom na), so we headed straight to them.  With all honesty, I didn’t enjoy the food. Though its buffet it feels like not enough with what I paid, good thing we enjoyed the view and the local folks.

The gate in which our floating boat restaurant is waiting
Picture of the floating resto, buffet table is in the center and entertainers are in the back - so while cruising they sing local songs.

Tip: Take time in choosing the restaurant you want to dine with since you’ll be paying P350-400/pax for a buffet meal, it wouldn’t be so bad if you get oc with what they will serve. Also, get the best seat either in the side or in the front of the boat so you can enjoy the scenery while cruising.

Loboc with its lush green forest and river. In rainy months the long stretch of river turns to green.
A small bangka along the river banks
Boholanos from old to younger generations perform songs and dances for tourist as a way of promoting their culture and heritage.
The guitar players
Was amazed on how Loboc's youth make use of their talents. They are really good! A must see.

After the relaxing scenery and amazing performances of the locals in Loboc, it was time to get nature-y and visit the famous Man-made Forest. Located right in the border of Loboc and Bilar municipalities, the forest stretched 2km long winding road. It is really a marvelous sight as all of the trees has uniform heights. Walking along the road, seeing those giant tree roots was just overwhelming and its giving me goosebumps as well.

Uniformed in height, mahongany trees planted in the late 60's as locals say.

Tip: Never stay inside the car, you can’t appreciate the whole view unless you could see the trees right in front of you. Don’t worry with sunlight, as the forest offers cold breeze thanks to the over hanging branches.

let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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