T’is the season to be crafty

We all know that Christmas is nearing and part of the season’s events are displaying any Christmas decors you got from last year’s festivities up to the very present. It has been one of our hobbies to come up with a yearly decor concept which includes most part of our humble home and even our 4 year old Christmas tree gets a little pampering from us. Truly this year had been a special one, simply because I volunteered to do it for the very first time as this year will be my last Christmas spent in my parents home.  

This is a before image. Noticed that it is really bare and naked.
After all accessories were placed, this is what our tree looked like.

So how did we come up with the concept and design? Weeks before I started building up our tree, I took the chance on visiting some malls in the Metro to gather various inspirations and ideas. Thanks to SM and Robinson Malls which has their on unique ways on decorating, so what I did was just to sum it all up. First thing to consider is the color contrasting of your decor against your wall color. Since our house has a canary yellow wall color, it would be perfect for our tree to just pair it with any orange and golden hues decor. In this way it allows the decors to be seen and fully speak for itself.  

Combination of orange and golden color hues arranged in a clustered manner to emphasize boldness.
Orange disco like balls, glittery, shiny and frosted colored balls are combined for catchy style.
Adding big golden poinsettia is a perfect cover-up when there are unwanted spaces on the tree which some of decors can't simply cover.
To show distinct details I added small poinsettia with striking orange color. This will help the tree boost its liveliness.

Orange hues are one of the liveliest colors that you can get. If you want a striking but yet modern touch of designs then try mixing orange with gold and silver or gray hues. If you want a bubbly, fun and young mood then pink hues are much suited – from dark fushia down to the lightest powdery pink palletes. Intimate colors can vary from plum, lavander, rustic brown and lime. Blue together with gray or silver or white are perfect combinations if you want to set a wintery theme. Actually there’s a lot of colors that you can mix and match – the only main concern here is that the colors that you will use should compliment the area in which you will place your Christmas tree. Just abide with the simple rule – small space needs bright colors to create an illusion of space and big space well anything goes.   

Adding up ribbons are nice way of accentuating. But make sure that the color will match on the rest of the design so that it wont look tacky.
balls + poinsettia + ribbons
balls + ribbon

Now, how will it look in broad day light?  

Our tree in broad daylight. Clustered balls are truly a head turner as well as the poinsettia.
Closer view of the decors

As for the power rating, we bought 4 sets of assorted orange balls (9 pcs per set), additional 2 sets of golden balls (since I need those glittery ones),  4 sets of  bell shaped decors (3 pcs per set), 10 pcs of big poinsettias, additional lights and 3 pieces of orange ribbons – which we paid not more than P1,500.00 at Shopwise Alabang. Way cheaper if you compare buying at Rustan’s.

let me know what you think, feel free to drop some love!

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