Travelogue: Bohol Diaries Day 1, Paragayo Resort & Alona Beach

Its been 3 months when I visited the white powdery fine shores of Panglao and  believe me getting there was hell lot of fun. The getaway was a treat for myself, as I marked another year old on my age calendar. I remember it was raining moderately when we left Manila, but when the plane touched down at Tagbilaran we were greeted by a sunny fine weather. Surprisingly, it didn’t rain in the entire Bohol for a week even if Manila was badly hit by typhoon Jolina.


Tagbilaran Airport
Taken moments after we landed, located in Bohol’s capital state – Tagbilaran City.

I had our accommodation reserved in Panglao Island specifically in Paragayo Resort instead at Tagbilaran. Adventurously speaking for beach bums and party goers like us the island is a good catch, consider as well that it takes another hour just to get to the nearest beach if you are coming from the city.

Anyway, Paragayo is located right in the heart of Brgy. Tawala and would only require 2-3 minutes of walking to the coolest beach strip  of Panglao – the Alona Beach. Basically the resort is way smaller compare to other neighboring resorts, it has no pool, great lounge area, no spacious dining hall and definitely not a beachfront resort. Though the rooms didn’t look so elegant, it was still decent enough to stay. Paragayo is a budget friendly resort, as it is being labeled by most people who visited the place. But what truly swept me off was the garden ambiance that the resort offers.

Paragayo Resort
huts in the garden area
Paragayo Resort
Hanging around the hammock early in the morning is a nice and easy way to get a sunburn.
Paragayo Resort
pathways going to the rooms

Aside from being affordable, they have excellent customer service as well. I admire the whole crew for having a winning customer satisfaction perspective from the management Thelma Kilroy, front desk staffs down to the trusted driver Mang Fred and the room cleaners – they all delivered an excellent working attitude. Kudos to all of you! I forget to mention that I love the moments I used to wonder and sit on their native chairs, it felt really relaxing and so peaceful thinking that the resort was along the main street.

Paragayo Resort
old rocking chair
Paragayo Resort
native bamboo chairs

After we settled our luggage and refreshed ourselves, it was time to hit Alona beach line. It was  nearing 5pm when we arrived and a lot of people mostly foreign tourists who are walking back and forth the shore lines. It was pretty how big and long the shore was,

Alona Beach
along the shoreline

Don’t be surprise if you’ll see a lot of people wearing a 2pc and trunks suits. Just by mere observation Panglao has the greatest number of foreign tourists over the local ones. Bottom line  is when Alona is being talked about it is associated with fun.


Paragayo Resort
Brgy. Tawala Panglao Island Bohol



11 thoughts on “Travelogue: Bohol Diaries Day 1, Paragayo Resort & Alona Beach

  1. hi mitch! this is a really nice blog entry. im going to bohol in july and wondering if paragayo resort is indeed 2-3 minutes away from the beachfront. because from the alona map i saw, i think it’s located along the main/provincial road. in paragayo’s website, it says they’re located 500 meters away from the beach, and that’s like half a kilometer. hoping for your feedback. thanks so much!

    1. Thank you Anne for the compliements. Yes strategically speaking Paragayo is located just along the main road of Panglao which i find it accessible to most tourists, but noting that roads in provinces like Panglao are way smaller (plus dusty) than here in Manila. On response to time, of course answer will base on how fast can you walk? Me and my friends normally take it less than 5 minutes even if we get distracted with photo opt. Though im not relevantly sure the exact distance from the resort to the shore in meters – but seriously, I find it near enough.

  2. me and my bestfriend are planning to go there in january. can you give us a rough estimate of the expenses? we plan to stay for 2 days and 2 nights

    1. Hello Ace,

      Expenses definitely depends on where you are going to stay since prices vary in every location in Panglao Island. As for me I stayed in Alona area rather than in Dumaluan, which is cheaper in almost everything – food and accommodation. For the whole trip I shed almost 10k for 3D2N stay, covering all expenses like plane tickets (took PAL), accommodation fee, food, tours and pasalubongs. May be it is safe to assume that 10-15k is enough per person.

  3. Hi Mitch. Your enrty is great! I find it really useful. We are planning to stay in Paragayo Resort as well. I was just wondering if you can just lounge anywhere in Alona beach. I read in some sites that some beachfront resorts charge (or do not allow) people who hang around their side of the beach. Is this true? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Joy,

      Thanks. As far as I know FY2009 when I went there, Alona Beach is a public beach so any one can get in freely. I doubt they will strictly implement no-pass in the whole Alone shoreline to other non-guests, mainly because at night Alona transforms into a nightlife spot with bands and bars along the beach. Maybe some parts of the shore are forbidden, I am guessing that would be the resort at the left far end side (if you are facing the sea) since as I remember they put little notes telling people it’s a private property; forgot the name though. Don’t worry shoreline is somehow long and wide, the restos, bands/bars are located somewhat in the middle so it would be safe to assume that you have pretty enough space to lounge. I prefer the area near Trudy’s, with coconut trees, good background music and full moon; perfect way to end a night. 🙂 Have fun in Bohol.

    1. Hi Anna,

      When I was there which was 2 yrs ago it was literally safe even without post lights, took few mins walk. We hanged-out along beach tipsy until wee hours, nothing bad happened. But now, I cannot speak for that because haven’t been there again ever since. So I don’t know any news about people getting rob/smacked along the way. I suggest you visit trip forums (Trip Advisor is a good site) just to make sure. 🙂

  4. A wonderful and informative post. Im planning on going for a vacation to bohol this coming december and this is very helpful indeed. Great suggestions and nice photos. Thank you for sharing this

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