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All’s Well Cafe, Dalian China

Located in the heart of Dalian business district, All’s Well Cafe is one of few restaurants that offer a touch of Western and Chinese cuisine in one. We’ve been in this place many… Continue reading

Naan and Curry

Tokyo Street

Last Sunday after church, we went to Tokyo Street for lunch. I think this is the 4th Japanese inspired restaurant we’ve been in Dalian. Anyway, I’ve come up a different way on giving… Continue reading

Abashi Curry

To celebrate my 28th year on earth, hubby and I headed for a little Indian treat. Wait Indian .. in China?? Yup! and I am talking about real curry of course! Honestly, this is my… Continue reading

CWY Roasts The Entire Fish

Not quite certain if  the title is the actual name of the restaurant (because it sounded so literal), but if it really was then they seriously know how to roast a fish right… Continue reading

Pig Out Stories: China’s Crêpe

When one of our Chinese friend Max told us there’s a must try dish here in Dalian made out from super thin plate size pancakes, we never hesitated and gave it a try.… Continue reading

Tengdelei Hot Pot

Friday night and everyone at the office has plans, one of them is our good friend Steven. So he invited us (me and hubby) to dinner along Schuma Lu, but without any specific… Continue reading