A Weekend with an Author


Like any working girls, my job constantly revolves on eight to nine hours in a daily basis that includes any day of a weekend too. Often when I get very very lucky, I get to spend a lengthy 12 hour shift, very common schedule to any technical peeps you’ve come to know. So when rest days come, I always promise myself to get really crazy with non-work stuffs! As much as possible doing normal stuffs! Few weekend ago was a perfect example.



Pinoy Style Icon

Hear ye readers! You know it’s the time of the month for some Pinay Curvies Swag and the challenge we were asked to share is our very own style icon. You can instantly guess who she is…

Okay, okay… Before anyone would pin me down on my head using a baseball bat, allow me to say this very, very clear that in this post will not discuss whatever political issues and controversies that the Marcoses were previously and are currently involved with. But this would be simply a post of fashion admiration to a once very influential woman, Former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos for her ecstatic taste and style. So spare me the hate or trash talk.



Keeping Black Basics In Leather + Boots


black-white geometrical dress  Delight for Shoppers| leather jacket & ankle boots Taobao | earrings and bangle Forever 21